Either way, once you have installed Windows 10, it will be updated free for the life of your device. There will (probably) never be a Windows 11, because Microsoft is now producing two small updates each year instead of one big update every three years. Of course, Microsoft – like Apple and Google – would like everyone to use the latest version of its operating system.

You don’t have to worry about the integrity of your system files when you use Auslogics Registry Cleaner. The app is safe and will not introduce malware to your computer. If the app was compromised and compromising, it wouldn’t have survived more than a decade in the competitive software market or recorded over 20 million user downloads. After registry keys or other system settings are found, use the utility to delete or clean those keys. Often you need to select all found items and click a clean or delete button.

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OneDrive files are accessible in your web browser as well as in iOS and Android apps. It does a great job with photos, by the way, showing the photos location in a small map and even offering object identification, so you can find all your photos of bridges or cats. OneDrive also lets you retrieve any files from your PC remotely—if you’re PC is on, of course. You need to be taking advantage of cloud storage these days, and OneDrive is one of your better options, especially (but not only) if you use Windows. OneDrive lets you keep files in the cloud without taking up space on your local storage, with the Files On Demand option. It looks like a regular folder on your desktop, and also can sync operating system choices like desktop background.

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If your Windows PC is having issues with broken registry entries, you’ll need to fix the problem. Once the procedure is complete, exit out of the command prompt screen. Your Windows 11 system files are now fully scanned and repaired with their most up to date versions. To start, we will need to open an administrative level command prompt. Type “command prompt” into the Windows 11 desktop search tool, right click the Command Prompt app and select the Run as administrator option from the context menu. So naturally, when something goes off dinput8.dll missing with an important aspect like the registry, normal functions of your PC are bound to suffer.

  • Of course, you’d check if the same site opens on other browser or your phone.
  • You should get a message that says that Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and successfully repairs them.
  • Note that this test was done using a spinning platter hard drive, not a solid state drive.
  • You can also backup sections of the registry that deal with application settings.
  • Using Registry Life, you can not only fix registry issues but also defrag the registry and even have quick access to an additional free tool to stop or delay programs from starting up with your computer.

To do so, expand the HKEY_CURRENT USER folder and then Software. Choosing which of the errors to remove or repair can give you a migraine.

You can even delay updating Windows for an extended period if you prefer. PC hardware is nice, but it’s not much use without innovative software. I’ve been reviewing software for PCMag since 2008, and I still get a kick out of seeing what’s new in video and photo editing software, and how operating systems change over time.

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Deleting a program from your computer, may leave remnant links in your files. In order to make sure the program is completely deleted, just perform the following steps. You can save it anywhere you want, but we suggest keeping it on your PC and external storage. This makes sure you have access to the registry backup if your PC suffers complications. Moreover, please do not change the backup file extension, or it will become useless and might get corrupted. Remember to back up your registry before Windows Registry before making any changes. Backing up makes sure that you have your registry of the state your PC was running on.